PATCH inn-2.4.5 : fixes for buffindex storage method

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu Nov 27 20:35:43 UTC 2008

Hi Kirill,

> lines 40, 1185, 1207, 1286, 1323, 1343, 1509, 1573, 1709
>  this fix allows use of buffers larger then 4 Gigs.

I thought the limit was 2GB (according to the man page).

> For our server this fix led to reduction of  expireover runtime from 9 to about 2 hours (it seems that one hour or so is due to 
> improvements of 2.4.5 version :) ).

I do not see which change was done in 2.4.5 to provide such an improvement.
But well, if it runs faster, it's perfect!

Thanks for your patch.
I may appear a bit lame but I do not understand exactly how your patch
fixes the limit of 2 or 4GB.  How does it do that?
What is the new limit?


Julien ÉLIE

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