outgoing innfeed not working with CURRENT

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Wed Nov 26 22:25:54 UTC 2008

Hi The Doctor,

> gallifrey.nk.ca//var/news/spool/outgoing$ inncheck -a -v -pedantic
> Looking at /var/news/etc/active...
> /var/news/etc/active:0: owned by news, should be bin


> /var/news/etc/inn.conf:0: owned by news, should be bin
> innconfval: /var/news/etc/inn.conf:52: unknown parameter usecontrolchan
> innconfval: /var/news/etc/inn.conf:78: unknown parameter nnrppythonauth
> innconfval: /var/news/etc/inn.conf:77: unknown parameter nnrpperlauth
> innconfval: /var/news/etc/inn.conf:156: warning: NNTP RFC 3977 states inactivity
> timeouts MUST be at least three minutes

You should remove these three parameters.
Moreover, your chaninacttime: or clienttimeout: values, I believe, are too low.
They must be >= 180 seconds.

> Looking at /var/news/etc/newsfeeds...
> /var/news/etc/newsfeeds:0: owned by news, should be bin
> ME, controlchan!, overview!, uca516916.inbound.news.uu.net, feeder.erje.net, /var/news/etc/newsfeeds:154: comma-space in 
> subscription list
> news.hub.org, /var/news/etc/newsfeeds:154: questionable distribution `!*'
> /var/news/etc/newsfeeds:154: questionable distribution `comp.*'
> /var/news/etc/newsfeeds:154: both ! and non-! distributions
> /var/news/etc/newsfeeds:156: comma-space in subscription list
> news.bytemine.net, /var/news/etc/newsfeeds:156: questionable distribution ` !*'
> news.albasani.net, /var/news/etc/newsfeeds:182: Multiple slashes in distribution for `news.albasani.net'

You should fix everything there.  Run again inncheck and reload your newsfeeds file.

Then, is innfeed working better?
Otherwise, could you please post your newsfeeds file?

Julien ÉLIE

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  si vous avez aimé. » (Alfred de Musset)

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