Help with to readers.conf

Gert Koefoed Andersen gert at
Sat Sep 6 06:57:02 UTC 2008

Hi friends.

Can some here give me a help for the best and right setup in readers.conf
for access for mailman conenction.
Mailman shall could connect as special user there only is a fast user by
hostname and have acces and rights to read and post articles to Inn for some
groups only.

This so my friends mailling list server mailman getting news to it.
I have setup this in my readers.con :

Auth "mailman" {
		hosts: "home.junc.og"
		key: lists
		res: "mailman"
		default: <MAILMAN>
Access "mailman" {
		newsgroup: "stn.*"
		key "lists"
		access: RPA
Auth mailman {
		key: lists
		res: mailman
		default: <LIST>
Access mailman {
		key: lists
		users: <LISTS>
		newsgroups: stn.*
		access: RPA

It seem that mail conencts but is not getting any newsgroups articles.

Another thing is that my rnews from time to time is going down self it innd
is running.

Gert Andersen

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