Strange INN-current crash.

Petr Novopashenniy pety at
Fri Apr 3 07:29:00 UTC 2009

Good day, Julien!

On Wed, 1 Apr 2009, Julien LIE wrote:

JL> Hi Petr,
JL> It now works fine:
JL> Apr  1 21:15:03.889 - localhost <a1 at 19ldsfdodjfz> 439 Unwanted distribution
JL> ""
JL> Could you please also try it?

I receive this bad article again, at 03.04.09 11:12 +04 GMT (yesterday, 
at 23:11, I not received it.).
No crash with your patch.

[news at goblin ~/log]$ grep 
"<itqdneE2LIlcK0jUnZ2dnUVZ_ryWnZ2d at>" news 
Apr  3 11:12:12.158 - 
<itqdneE2LIlcK0jUnZ2dnUVZ_ryWnZ2d at> 439 Unwanted 
distribution ""
[news at goblin ~/log]$

Thanks, Julien!

JL> Julien LIE


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