Question about "<news>/db/history" file size

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu Apr 23 19:11:43 UTC 2009

Hi Petr,

> And, if expire process not shutdown correctly, innd remains in "reserved"
> mode. How I can "ureserve" innd without restart?

Oh, I thought I had fixed that a few months ago.

I do not understand why it does not work.
Do you see the problem with INN 2.5.0?  (INN 2.4.6 is not fixed for that.)

After expire process in news.daily, I added:

##  Remove the possible reserve mode (in case expire was killed).
if (ctlinnd mode | grep "Reserved ${REASON}" > /dev/null) ; then
    ctlinnd -s reserve "" 2>/dev/null

There should not be any reserved status afterwards!

And just after, of course, there is a go:

##  Did we become throttled during the run?
SERVERMODE=`ctlinnd mode 2>/dev/null | ${SED} 1q`
case "${SERVERMODE}" in
*space*" -- throttling")
    ##  We did, try to unthrottle the server.
    echo "${SERVERMODE} -- trying to recover"
    ctlinnd -s go ""

Hmmm...  I do not understand the
    *space*" -- throttling")
syntax.  What is that?  Maybe an old return value from ctlinnd?

SERVERMODE is something like "Server throttled reason" in CURRENT...

Julien ÉLIE

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