INN-current (20090414) and some log messages

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Mon Apr 27 20:32:37 UTC 2009

Hi Petr,

> I have ~2000-3000 entries in my daily news log file:

Not mentioned as unknown lines by innreport in its daily mail I assume.

> Apr 27 15:10:01.245 - ? (null) 439 Bad "Message-ID" header
> It is possible to log peer name?

Well, as innd did not log it, I believe it is because there was no Path:
header in the article.  It takes the peer name from the Path: header
except when logipaddr is set to true in inn.conf.
Maybe we should try to behave as though logipaddr were true when
there is no Path: header.

> I have no example of these Message-ID's (or whole articles), but maybe possible to remember them from "takethis" output? Or is it 
> the wrong way?

I see that the message-ID which was found is "reset" when the error
is found.  I can try to log it at the end of the error.

As for remembering it from the argument to TAKETHIS or IHAVE, I do not
know whether it is a good idea.  The standard allows to say "IHAVE <a>"
and send <b>...

Could you please try that patch and tell me how your logs now look like?

Index: innd/art.c
--- innd/art.c  (révision 8431)
+++ innd/art.c  (copie de travail)
@@ -413,6 +413,8 @@
                 data->Feedsite = hops[0];
                 data->Feedsite = "localhost";
+        } else if (cp->Address.ss_family != 0) {
+            data->Feedsite = RChostname(cp);
     ARTlog(data, ART_REJECT, text != NULL ? text : cp->Error);
@@ -1051,9 +1053,10 @@

   /* assumes Message-ID header is required header */
   if (!ARTidok(HDR(HDR__MESSAGE_ID))) {
+    sprintf(buff, "%d Bad \"Message-ID\" header (%s)",
+            HDR_FOUND(HDR__MESSAGE_ID) ? HDR(HDR__MESSAGE_ID) : "null");
-    sprintf(buff, "%d Bad \"Message-ID\" header",
     return false;

Julien ÉLIE

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