Segfaults in INN 2.5.0 RC 2

Ray Banana rayban at
Thu Apr 30 18:18:21 UTC 2009

Apr 30 18:00:26 reader kernel: [1036937.627712] innfeed[11864]: segfault 
at 46 ip b7c97689 sp bfa3cc94 error 4 in[b7c58000+155000]

Apr 30 18:00:26 reader kernel: [1036937.771700] innd[23007]: segfault at 
280b513c ip 0805ba62 sp bfdd1dbc error 4 in innd[8048000+6c000]

Sorry, no additional information available, as the machine became
totally unresponsive after that, just what I found in the logs.

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