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Hi Rabie,

> The reap package is under :

Thanks for that pointer!

reap version 1.9.7 (01/18/94) by David Heath
based on reap 1.1 by David B. Thomas

Implement a tool that expires according to a user-defined scheme
until sufficient freespace is reclaimed, then stops, leaving as much
juicy news online as is feasible.
It works by checking freespace, and processing one line at a time from a
list of expire functions, until the desired freespace is attained.
Each expire function consists of an age limit in days (decimals okay)
and a list of newsgroups to process or not process, sys file style.  Ex:

 1 rec,!,!rec.humor

This example would check freespace, and if more space is needed, expire
to .5 days everything in, talk (except for talk.bizarre)
and junk.  Then it would stop and check freespace again.  If still more
space is needed, it would expire to 1 day everything in rec except* and rec.humor.*.  It's that simple.

Since the functions of deleting articles and trimming history
are separate, we now run reap continuously, but trim the history list
just once a day.  That effectively keeps my disk space up to snuff, but
only thrashes at the history file in the middle of the night.

I believe that someone who needs such a tool right now will use CNFS buffers
(possibly with different buffers for,talk,!talk.bizarre,junk...).

Well, I can still mention the URL in the prunehistory man page, just in case...

Julien ÉLIE

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