Outgoing feed filter (fwd)

Petr Novopashenniy pety at rusnet.ru
Mon May 4 15:31:15 UTC 2009

Good day, All!

I have the same problem..
Maybe here someone say something?


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Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 13:13:19 -0400
From: Geoff Brozny <gbrozny at glorb.columbus.oh.us>
Newsgroups: news.software.nntp
Subject: Outgoing feed filter

Hello, I been working on trying to filter misplaced binaries from my
outgoing feed, so I set up a perl filter, and set dontrejectfiltered to true
in inn.conf, and added the Af flag to a peer in the newsfeeds file.  While
doing some testing, nothing appears to ever get filtered, if I post a binary
it will still get passed to the peer with the Af flag set. To verify the
filter does work, I set dontrejectfiltered back to false, and the binary was
properly rejected for being a binary in a non-binary group, but I do not
want to reject this on incoming, just outgoing. Did I miss some other config
option I need to set?



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