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Mon May 18 19:43:36 UTC 2009

Julien ÉLIE <julien at> writes:

>> Or, even more simply, just set a flag whenever we do any writes to
>> the overview at all and always remap the data in that case, but keep
>> the previous logic for when to remap the index.

> But then, we would also do more than we have to.  If 1-6 are mapped,
> article #7 arrives and I search in the range 3-6, there is no need
> to remap the data file.

Yes, true.

All these fixes don't help the case of out-of-order delivery and nnrpd,
unfortunately, since nnrpd isn't doing the writing and hence won't get
the out-of-order flag set and won't know to remap.  That was the
scenario the code that Jeff removed was originally intended to deal
with, but it also breaks OVSTATICSEARCH.  I think the current tradeoff
(where the article doesn't appear) is probably better than breaking
OVSTATICSEARCH, but it does mean that if we do out-of-order article
delivery while nnrpd has a search open, the client will end up never
seeing that article.

It's likely to be quite rare that this will happen, though.

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