can we have a quiet news.daily?

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Nov 7 11:08:47 UTC 2009

Hi Florian,

> I'd prefer my Daily Usenet report to be quiet, only emailing me if
> there's something I need to attend to.
> What I'd like to suggest is making innreport's heading depend on the
> value of {default}{text} (as set in innreport.conf), have scanlogs look
> for innreport output before printing the separators, and move the
> news.daily newline to scanlogs.
> what do you think?

That's a great idea.
The "text" parameter defines whether to write or skip a section
in text report.

However, I do not understand why you only change the scanlogs behaviour
in news.daily.
There is also innstat; unless you also use "nostat"?  but I do not think
it should be related to "nomail".

##  Show the status of the news system.
${DOSTAT} && {
    echo ''

There are also issues with renumbering and postexec:

##  Renumber the active file.
if ${DORENUMBER} ; then
    echo ''
    echo 'Renumbering active file.'

##  Run any user programs.
if [ -n "${PROGRAMS}" ] ; then
    for P in ${PROGRAMS} ; do
        echo ''
        echo "${P}:"
        eval ${P}

Shouldn't something be done for them too?

> --- a/scripts/
> +++ b/scripts/
> @@ -2073,7 +2073,8 @@ sub Write_all_results {
>     $Title =~ s/\&/&/go;
>     $Title =~ s/\</</go;
>     $Title =~ s/\>/>/go;
> -    print "$Title from $first_date to $last_date\n\n";
> +    print "$Title from $first_date to $last_date\n\n"
> +      if $$h{'default'}{'text'} =~ m/^true$/i;
>   }

We should check the correct definition of the variable first:

-    print "$Title from $first_date to $last_date\n\n";
+    print "$Title from $first_date to $last_date\n\n"
+      if ((defined $$h{'default'}{'text'})
+          and ($$h{'default'}{'text'} =~ m/^true$/io));

Julien ÉLIE

« Non omnia possumus omnes. » (Virgile) 

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