Call for INN 2.5.2 testing (new NNTP RFC 3977)

Ray Banana rayban at
Wed Nov 18 07:01:34 UTC 2009

Julien ÉLIE wrote:
> [Russ]
>>> bad_messageid 
>>> <slrn20091109075439.943.twooffive at>
>> I'm not seeing what's wrong with this one, though.
> Especially when I see that it is present on the server:
> Very strange...
> I have just checked every call to bad_messageid logging and when it 
> occurs,
> it is because the message-ID is found to be invalid and no posting is 
> done.
> Do you know how this article was injected to your INN 2.5.2?  (feeded 
> by a normal
> feed using IHAVE/CHECK/TAKETHIS?  via nnrpd?  rnews?)

This article was posted via nnrpd.

> Incidentally, what is the meaning of the X-No-Bananas: header field?

Only Mike will now. As you can see the message-id was generated by slrn 
(using a registered FQDN from the E-S domain) and the author seems to 
like fancy headers (cf. his X-The-Usenet-Improvement-Project: header).

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