Crash of inn 2.5.1pre r8634 in the keywords code

Nix nix at
Thu Oct 1 18:59:13 UTC 2009

On 1 Oct 2009, julien at uttered the following:

> Hi Nix,
>> So I upgraded my ancient INN 1.7.1 to 2.5.1pre on Sunday...
> Great jump!

The old machine was decommissioned, so it seemed like a good time.

This wasn't the first time I tried an upgrade though. I hopped to 2.2.x
sometime around 2002 and found that whenever the machine was shut down
(not necessarily a crash), big chunks of overview got eaten with the
usual nasty active file and article-exists problems, so I had to keep on
doing overview rebuilds: so I downgraded again. This certainly is not
happening anymore: I even had a sudden power failure and everything was
fine afterwards, I think. (Part of this may be explained by the battery-
backed hardware RAID array the thing is now sitting on, but not all of

Also I wanted an excuse to try to use INN 2.x's pluggable
storage+overview architecture to hack up a PostgreSQL-backed storage
method, so I can try out its full text search facilities. (Why not just
rely on google and gmane? A combination of geekitude and the existence
of private hierarchies that aren't on either. But mostly geekitude.
Overview maintenance should be a piece of cake this way as well. Yeah,
it eats disk space, but I have lots of that free.)

>> and last night it coredumped just after midnight
> Did you try Russ' patch?


> When you have tested it, can you report whether it works fine
> so that we can ship it along with INN 2.5.1?

I was waiting to see if it crashed. No crashes. It works. (Of *course*
it works. Russ is congenitally incapable of perpetrating bugs. :) )

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