expire does not purge junk group

Andreas Mattheiss andreas.mattheiss at gmx.de
Wed May 5 21:05:16 UTC 2010


I am running a "leafnode" installation of inn where I feed inn with 

I wanted to make one additional group available, so I added an entry in 
the active-file and fed some 200 artikles to inn using rnews - standard 
procedure that always works (for me).

However, I was stupid enough not to say 

ctlinnd reload all whatever

before feeding. This is daft, since not only did all articles now wind 
up in junk (wanttrash set to true in inn.conf), refeeding them will 
cause them to be rejected.

This is strange to start with, since 

remembertrash:	false

in inn.conf - according to the manpage inn should not remember being 
confronted with this before?!?

I then tried to blow these 200 articles from the history-file by feeding


into expire, also to no avail, the stuff is still lingering around. I 
acknowledge junk is some sort of pseudo-group, but supplying the "true" 
group name didn't help. And yes, groupbaseexpiry is set to true.

In all two things I'm not digging here.

I am running inn 2.4.1. Is anyone prepared to help me here byond 
"upgrade to inn 5.x"?


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