expire does not purge junk group

Andreas Mattheiss andreas.mattheiss at gmx.de
Sat May 8 21:17:08 UTC 2010

Salut Julien,

thanks for the reply.

Am Sat, 08 May 2010 01:25:52 +0200 schrieb Julien ÉLIE:

> An article accepted and fed into the junk newsgroup is recorded in the
> history.  It is different than a rejected article (here, when 
wanttrash is
> set to true, it means that articles posted to unknown articles are no
> longer trash articles -- but malformed articles for instance are still
> trash).

This is also the way I understand things, and it is what is happening. 

>> I then tried to blow these 200 articles from the history-file by 
>> /remember/:0
>> junk:A:0:0:0
>> into expire, also to no avail, the stuff is still lingering around. I
>> acknowledge junk is some sort of pseudo-group, but supplying the 
>> group name didn't help. And yes, groupbaseexpiry is set to true.
> Strange.
> And the articles are still present in the history? Mentioned by
> grephistory when using their message-ID?

And this is what is apparently also a bit unexpected for you. My
understanding is that the above entry in expire.ctl shall expire all
articles in junk and forget about their very existence immediately. I 
restarted innd after I changed expire.ctl, and I ran expire -N 
after the restart. Refeeding the junked articles 

lzcat gaga | rnews -h localhost

gives me in syslog:

May  8 23:03:56 highscreen rnews: offered 
<c9c67ccd0910271841h3e2999cbg1e365f08a7baa808 at mail.gmail.com> localhost
May  8 23:03:56 highscreen rnews: offered 
<5577787a0910270950i43261f2cwa04612f8b341b03f at mail.gmail.com> localhost
May  8 23:03:56 highscreen rnews: offered <4B13D536.3020006 at ryand.net> 
May  8 23:03:56 highscreen innd: localhost:24 closed seconds 1 accepted 
0 refused 199 rejected 0 duplicate 0 accepted size 0 duplicate size 0

And yes, they're apparently still lingering in the history:

highscreen [23:03] [~] <# 54> grephistory 4B13D536.3020006 at ryand.net

I mean, it's not a big thing, but I don't think it behaves as it should.


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