scanspool, hostname resolution error logging

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu Aug 4 22:16:16 UTC 2011

Hi Florian,

> I've got to work a bit on the manpage for scanspool, find attached what
> I've come up with based on the extensive comments in the script; also,
> reading the code in light of its manpage, I found a few typos and added
> a little clarification.

Many thanks for this new documentation.  Pretty useful to have.
Just committed.

> innd uses "syslog(L_ERROR, ..." directly, whereas innfeed uses the more
> generic warn(); but then I got confused because the message handler
> message_log_syslog_warning writes to news.notice only (as warning is less
> than err) - but what's the point in having three functions notice(),
> warn(), and die() if they don't correspond to the three syslog files
> news.notice, news.err and news.crit? Why would we differentiate between
> notice() and warn() if it ends up in the same place anyway? Perhaps
> someone can shed light on this...

A useful reading is the "Error Handling" section of HACKING:

> (And innreport doesn't seem to care about hostname lookup errors either
> - that's ok for connecting client hostnames, but shouldn't issues with
> configuration values be treated differently?)

That is to say if they are in news.err, or for innfeed/innd (and not 
nnrpd)?  It would be useful to better see these errors, in case of 
course adding support for that does not lead to have client hostnames 

Julien ÉLIE

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