cant store article: bogus Xref: header in INN 2.5 ?

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Aug 31 20:09:26 UTC 2011

Julien ÉLIE <julien at> writes:

> I also do not know why two spaces are present.  I have had a look at the
> innd/art.c code and do not see where two spaces could be added.  I only
> see one.

Is there any way that the local path host could be defined with a leading
space?  Maybe setting it with a quoted string and getting a stray space
inside the string?

> It would be better to find out why two spaces are inserted, instead of
> modifying CrackXref to handle that weirdness.

It would be nice to fix both, but in general we shouldn't be this picky
about whitespace.  It's pretty easy to skip over leading whitespace in
that header, and in general RFC 5322 headers are not supposed to care
about whitespace.  The RFC 5536 grammar also explicitly allows leading

   The Xref header field indicates where an article was filed by the last
   news server to process it.  User agents often use the information in
   the Xref header field to avoid multiple processing of crossposted

   xref            =  "Xref:" SP *WSP server-name
                      1*( FWS location ) *WSP CRLF

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