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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Jan 22 17:24:15 UTC 2011

Hi Kamil,

> My question is about two almost identical lines later one for "ME", one
> for "localhost"

Do you happen to have only one feed, which is named "localhost"
in incoming.conf?

In case you generate <pathhttp>/inn_status.html (yes, Florian,
I have not forgotten your patch about HTML_STATUS), you will note
that the first logged status is a global status (the sum of everything).
It is logged as "ME" in news.notice.
And after, you have all the peers.

global (process)
         seconds: 60394
         offered: 8446
        accepted: 746             %accepted: 8.8%
         refused: 7666             %refused: 90.8%
        rejected: 34              %rejected: 0.4%
      duplicated: 0             %duplicated: 0.0%
           bytes: 1.7Mb
 duplicated size: 0.0kb    %duplicated size: 0.0%
   rejected size: 64.1kb     %rejected size: 3.8%
 ip address: 2001:8d8:81:1910::1 2a01:4f8:120:8241::2
    seconds: 60394          duplicates: 0     max allowed cxns: 8
    offered: 3641        uw newsgroups: 0          active cxns: 2
   accepted: 416      uw distributions: 0        sleeping cxns: 0
    refused: 3211           unapproved: 0       want streaming: Yes
   rejected: 14               filtered: 14        is streaming: Yes
       size: 1.4Mb           bad sites: 0       duplicate size: 0.0kb
reject size: 24.9kb
      Ihave: 0      SendIt[335]: 0         Got[435]: 0      Deferred[436]: 0
      Check: 4092   SendIt[238]: 430       Got[438]: 3211   Deferred[431]: 451
   Takethis: 430        Ok[239]: 416     Error[439]: 14

and so on.

In news.notice, there will then be a "ME status" line, followed by
a " status" line.

Julien ÉLIE

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