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Fri Jan 28 21:49:18 UTC 2011

Hi Russ,

[23/05/09 06:04] Russ Allbery wrote:
> Julien ÉLIE<julien at>  writes:
>> Should we update the test suite to use your first release of C TAP
>> Harness?
> I was going to send a note about that, but hadn't had a chance.
> Upgrading runtests.c is trivial since it should be backward-compatible.
> However, the most interesting part would be to upgrade libtest.c to the
> new TAP library and move the repeated test code in the shell scripts to
> the new TAP shell library.
> The API is significantly different, though.  Among other things, it
> keeps track of the test number internally and instead each test is
> tagged with a brief text explanation.  This makes it *way* easier to
> find the failing test, but it means every test case has to be changed,
> fairly significantly in some cases.

I finally had a look to that and merged the new 1.6 version of C TAP 
Harness in our source code.

I also saw that all our tests need being rewritten, as you said, because 
the syntax has totally changed.  Well, for the time being, I have just 
added a wrapper to the new functions; it allows to go on using the 
legacy syntax for the test suite.  Waiting for an upgrade step by step.

A variable named LIBTEST_NEW_FORMAT can be set at the beginning
of a test so as to use the new syntax.

Julien ÉLIE

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