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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Wed Jul 6 18:45:19 UTC 2011

Hi Florian,

> Anyway, I ended up with something I consider generally useful, even
> though one could of course always check more, and while I meant to do
> some more testing of the patch series, I now think I could as well
> discuss it here first.

Yeah, totally, many thanks for it!

> E.g. "string" is the default type for anything that's not checked,
> but I've also used "path" for command lines or files/directories.
> Currently, "path" is not checked, either, but I wonder if it could be
> done?

I think it would involve far more work for not much.
We have absolute paths, relative paths, paths for files that exist,
paths for files that will be created if not already present, etc.
Even the inn.conf parser does not complain when checking the value of a

I would be in favour not doing more checks for paths here, in inncheck.
I know that the drawback is that the program will complain during its
If going into the direction of adding checks for that, let's do it in
the new configuration parser.

> Similarly, the $hostblockRE regular expression used for checking
> readers.conf "auth example { hosts: xxx }" values assumes that
> wildmat characters will only be found in the leftmost subdomain part.
> This might prove too restrictive, but I worried that making the regex
> very broad (like for example $ipv6) might jeopardize its
> usefulness...

The drawback is that it will give false positives.

> So, there's probably a lot that can be reconsidered, and at the same
> time I'm sure it's already a lot more useful than what's there right
> now.


> ...lots more things to think about, I got lost... still, I believe
> what's here is useful and should receive more and real-world testing

I hope that other people in this list will give you feedback with their 
own configuration files.

For your information, I have only one warning with my current configuration:

/home/news/etc/readers.conf:60: not a valid list of hostnames or 
netblocks: ', 2002:8ac3:802d::/56,'

Julien ÉLIE

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