Call for inncheck testing

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Wed Jul 6 21:05:15 UTC 2011

Hi all,

As you may have noticed, Florian has contributed with a new improved 
inncheck script which checks the syntax of:
  * incoming.conf
  * innfeed.conf
  * readers.conf
  * storage.conf

We need real-world testing so as to be aware of possible false positive 
warnings and fix them before shipping this new version with INN 2.5.3.

If you run INN 2.5.0 or later, could you please report issues with a run 
of inncheck on your system?

It only requires these four steps.  No need to install or update 
anything else.

1 - download

2 - change the second line of to match what is currently 
present in your installed inncheck script.  It is something like:
use lib '/usr/lib/perl'; use INN::Config;

3 - run, as the news user:
perl -pedantic

4 - have a look at the output, and please report any false positive 
warning you see.

Thanks beforehand,

Julien ÉLIE

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   (Tom Stoppard, _Every Good Boy Deserves Favour_)

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