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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu Jul 7 09:25:33 UTC 2011

Hi Florian,

> Indeed. I just rebased to the tip of 2.5

As Dieter mentions it in, a few things are different 
in 2.6.
Hopefully not many things have changed!  I will deal with it during the 
backport 2.6 (CURRENT) -> 2.5 (STABLE).

The only change I see is:

“The two addnntppostingdate and addnntppostinghost parameters in 
inn.conf have been respectively renamed to addinjectiondate and 
addinjectionpostinghost. innupgrade takes care of the modification only 
for inn.conf; a manual change will therefore be needed for readers.conf, 
if these parameters are overriden in this file.”

OK, easy to deal with.  Only two lines to change in the readers.conf check.

> and I think those are the
> newly discovered options, plus I think I misunderstood the deliver-*
> stuff for imapfeed in the old manpage - the new description is much
> clearer!

I was also a bit confused when first reading the paragraph dealing with 
"deliver".  I had to read the source code to understand how it works and 
see that "deliver" does not exist as a keyword!

Julien ÉLIE

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