Call for inncheck testing

Florian Schlichting fschlich at CIS.FU-Berlin.DE
Fri Jul 8 23:04:57 UTC 2011

Hi Gunter,

and thanks for testing!

On Sat, Jul 09, 2011 at 12:08:18AM +0200, Gunther Nitzsche wrote:
> >> lines:
> >> 272                max-reconnect-time:     600
> >> 275                host-queue-highwater:   2000
> JÉ> Are they at global scope or in a "peer { }" block?
> In a "peer" block to override the defaults here.

...and that's an actual error then. innfeed won't complain because it
just ignores options it doesn't know about. If you check in the manpage
you'll see that both are in the section of options that can only be
specified once at global scope, not per-host. A quick reading of the
code confirms that only the value set at topScope is taken into account,
and it's not parsed into a per-host structure.


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