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Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Jul 10 19:55:18 UTC 2011

Hi Gunther and all,

> news at newsreader5:~$ perl bin/inncheck -pedantic
> /usr/local/news/etc/newsfeeds:0: warning you accept all incoming article distributions

I am wondering whether this warning is really useful nowadays.

    eprint "$file:0: warning you accept all incoming article distributions\n"
        if !defined $sites{"ME"} || $me_empty;

It is true that I added a few years ago:


in my newsfeeds file only to get rid of this warning!

Maybe we should drop this warning.  No need for "ME" at all.
Any thoughts about that?

Recall of the meaning of the ME entry:

       The site named "ME" is special.  There must be exactly one such entry, and it
       should be the first entry in the file.  If the "ME" entry has an exclusion
       sub-field, incoming articles are rejected completely if any of the names
       specified in that exclusion sub-field appear in their Path: headers.  If the
       "ME" entry has a subscription list, that list is prepended to the subscrip-
       tion list of all other entries.  For example, "*,!control,!con-
       trol.*,!junk,!foo.*" could be used to set the default subscription list for
       all other feeds so that local postings are not propagated unless "foo.*"
       explicitly appears in the site's subscription list.  This feature tends to be
       somewhat confusing since the default subscription is prepended and can be
       overridden by other patterns.

       If the "ME" entry has a distribution sub-field, only articles that match that
       distribution list are accepted and all other articles are rejected.  A common
       use for this is to put something like "/!local" in the "ME" entry to reject
       local postings from other misconfigured sites.

##  "/distrib" for this feed entry specifies what distributions the server
##  will accept.  If any distributions are listed there, the server will
##  accept only articles with those distributions.  If all the
##  distributions listed are negated (starting with !), then the server
##  will only accept articles without those distributions.
##  For the ME line (and the ME line *only*), patterns affect *outgoing*
##  feeds and distributions affect *incoming* feeds (including local posts).

# Empty default subscription list, reject all incoming articles (including
# locally posted articles) with a distribution of "local" or
# "collabra-internal", accept all others.

Julien ÉLIE

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