Problem with himark, buffindexed and control.cancel

Martín Ferco martinferco at
Thu Jul 28 15:50:48 UTC 2011


We're running to INN servers (version 2.4.3). One has about one year
worth of articles, and we use it for read/post purposes. The other one
serves as an archive, and it's read only.

For some reason, when a cancel message gets fed to the one that serves
as archive, I get this error:

innd: tradspool: could not open
/var/spool/news/articles/control/cancel/19206 File exists

I've already taken a look at this:

I re-created the overview files (we use the buffindexed method) and
re-ran "makehistory -O -F", but I'm still having this problem (it took
about 12 hours to rebuild).

The weird thing is that, if I look at /var/lib/news/active, this is
what I get, which seems to be correct:

control.cancel 0000035072 0000000001 n

That is, we have ~35K files that go up to that number, and it should
be OK if it assigned that ID (ie, 35073), but, *for* *some* *reason*,
it gets assigned 19206, and I don't know where is inn getting 19206
from really... I'm also having this problem with other two regular

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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