Moving servers

Florian Schlichting fschlich at CIS.FU-Berlin.DE
Wed Mar 2 12:54:39 UTC 2011

Hi James,

this probably comes too late, but since I didn't see another reply and
just in case:

> When I run innxmit I get the following error:
> root at morpheus:/var/lib/news# /usr/lib/news/bin/innxmit list
> innxmit: cannot authenticate with Numerical argument out of domain

The error message occurs after innxmit has made the initial connection,
at the point where it scans the file passwd.nntp to see if it can find a
username/password combination for the server it is connected to, and
whether it can authenticate using those details.

My guess would be that either you've got something funny in your
passwd.nntp, and/or your new server is replying with some very confusing
stuff. You could try connecting and authenticating via telnet. Also,
innxmit might have written more to the news syslog.

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