(START)TLS between servers?

Adam Sjøgren asjo at koldfront.dk
Sat Mar 26 12:58:34 UTC 2011


I just set up TLS for readers on my newsserver - and since Gnus
automatically uses STARTTLS if the server supports it, that works
nicely, and it was easy to set up to boot.

The next thing I would like is to use TLS when talking to my peers.

Is that possible?

I looked in the manual of innfeed and innfeed.conf, searched a little,
but didn't really find anything. I also tried to manually go MODE
STREAM, STARTTLS to one of my peers, but that didn't work (I got a 401
MODE-READER response) - but that might be because he hasn't set up TLS.

Any hints welcome.

  Best regards,


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