Changes in inpaths mail

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Fri Aug 10 22:07:04 UTC 2012

Hi John,

> Prior to July 17, the first half of the messages used a FQDN for the
> news server as shown in these few example lines from July 16:
> 4351
> 304
> Starting with the July 17th inpaths e-mail reports, the news servers now
> have what appears to be an encrypted name, like the following:
> 1 4no10958447pbo.1
> 1 u3no2499556qai.0

I do not see such a change in my inpaths reports.
FQDN are human-readable. 2 1 
2 2 12 tjb 12

I do not see any encrypted names.

> The only oddity involved is on July 17 I did have a hardware failure on
> a BIND9 DNS server that had an uptime of six years (Debian Sarge).
> I changed /etc/resolv.conf in all INN servers (Debian Squeeze) to point
> to a newer BIND9 box and everything seemed to be working fine (e.g. I'm
> getting the inpaths e-mail fine, and peers are showing normal feeds from
> me).

I think you should take a deeper look at the changes you did; I 
otherwise do not see how encrypted names could have been generated since 
July 17th by ninpaths!

> Shooting in the dark, a very long pot shot, maybe I'll change
> resolv.conf back for one server, to the Sarge box, and see what happens
> tomorrow.

I bet you did not see any changes after that test?

Julien ÉLIE

« Une fois rien, c'est rien ; deux fois rien, c'est pas beaucoup,
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