Has inpaths format changed?

John F. Morse inn at xanadu-bbs.net
Fri Aug 10 22:59:06 UTC 2012

Hi Julien

> Hi John,
>> These odd hostnames are now appearing at the Top1000 site as well.
>> http://top1000.anthologeek.net/top1000.current.txt
>> Could they be a munged FQDN to evade EMP (phn path) spam traps?
> Are you sure other people are also sending encrypted FQDN?
> I do not see many such FQDN in the top1000 web site :-/

I have no idea what other people are sending in their Path: header. I haven't 
found one of these weird entries in a Path: entry. But many messages are 
rejected by Cleanfeed, or because they are not in the Active file.

The Top1000 site is only going to list the highest 1000 submitters stats, 
therefore the weird info is mostly down at the end of the list. It seems to be 
only one article per entry, but a few show two or three.

I don't think it is encryption, but something in a Path: header from 
somewhere. Like I said, it may be a new attempt to bypass EMP (phn path) by a 

Cleanfeed is not removing it.

Changing back to the original DNS server did not fix the problem. So it 
appears something else is wrong. I believe that was just a coincidence on the 
same day.

Then there is the problem of e-mail growing every day. It is being sent, but 
why is it growing?

This seems to indicate something in INN is causing the problem, and not 
something at the Top1000 site.

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