Invalid 431 response when server is paused

River Tarnell river at RT.UK.EU.ORG
Wed Jan 4 00:41:40 UTC 2012

Julien ÉLIE:
> >Currently I return 438 for invalid msg-id, but I may try changing it to
> >501 and see what happens.  I think I have peers with most of the
> >commonly used server software (INN, Diablo and Cyclone, at least).
> As far as INN is concerned, it currently (<= 2.5.3) does not handle
> 501 response codes during streaming.

Hmm.  In that case maybe I'll leave it.

> If I understand well the code, I see that the first command you send
> is MODE STREAM, just after the initial greeting response.  Unless
> you receive 203, CAPABILITIES is sent.  I believe it is a workaround
> for Cyclone (probably amongst other servers).

Yes.  It seems a bit pointless to check CAPABILITIES if MODE STREAM 
failed, but the code was already there, so...

> Yet, the availability of IHAVE is still unknown if you do not
> explicitly search for it in fe_read_capabilities(). [...]
> I do not see where IHAVE is used.  It is still not implemented in
> RT/NTS, isn't it?

No.  I think when I do implement it, I'll require the admin to actually 
configure a peer to use IHAVE, and otherwise treat lack of streaming as 
an error.  Pretty much everyone supports streaming nowadays, so if it's 
not there, it's probably because we ended up talking to nnrpd for some 
reason; and if we connect to an nnrpd that happens to allow posting from 
us, we'll start injecting articles via nnrpd's IHAVE, which could be 
unfortunate (or at least, be really slow, while appearing to work).

> I would also search for the first keyword in each line, instead of 
> matching the whole line.

That's fixed, thanks.
> Just to be sure, when you write ae->ae_article->art_content in
> TAKETHIS, is it well dot-stuffed?

Articles are stored in wire format (except for the trailing 
<CR><LF>.<CR><LF>).  Since it doesn't do anything with them except send 
them to other peers, I didn't see the point in un-dotting the incoming 
articles.  Of course this replies on peers to send them correctly in the 
first place.  (I recall some confusion about whether a line that starts 
with "." but has further text on it should be escaped or not.)

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