Streaming NNTP bug (redux)

River Tarnell river at RT.UK.EU.ORG
Thu Jan 12 20:50:59 UTC 2012

Julien ÉLIE:
> If the write() function fails, "i" is negative and we substract "i"
> to cp->Out->left anyway.
> So if for instance i=-1, we end up in having cp->Out->left increased
> by one.  Which would, I believe, generate the bug you see:  an extra
> character is added after a complete response.  (So it appears in fact
> before a new response, just before 438 in this case.)


When I restricted the number of outstanding CHECK/TAKETHIS commands to a 
fairly low number, I didn't see this problem.  It appeared after I 
removed the limit, so in some cases there could be >1000 commands in 
flight.  I imagine that in this case, write()ing the reply could easily 
return EAGAIN when it didn't with the lower limit.

So based on that reasoning, and code inspection of NCwritereply, I think 
your diagnosis and fix is correct.  I'm still trying to reproduce the 
problem on my own server; I'll try the fix there if I can.

PS: As it happens, I had exactly the opposite bug in my own 
implementation: my writev() implementation would drop the first 
character in the buffer when it didn't write the entire buffer.

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