Windows Live Mail rejecting GROUP response

Matt Seitz (matseitz) matseitz at
Mon Jun 4 20:49:52 UTC 2012

> From: Matt Seitz (matseitz) 

> > From: Julien ÉLIE [mailto:julien at] 

> > I think this inequality occurred so maybe the problem is generated by another reply; 

> Hmm, I just notices there is one more reply from the INN server following the GROUP reply.  But I don't see a corresponding request from
> WLMail, so I'm not sure what this additional reply means.

I reviewed RFC 3977 further and determined that response code 205 is supposed to be returned when a client sends a QUIT command.  In this case, I see Windows Live Mail sending a TCP FIN, but not an NNTP QUIT.  But INN seems to be responding to the TCP FIN as if the client had sent an NNTP QUIT.

Would that violate Section 5.4.2? 
"If a client simply disconnects (or if the connection times out or
   some other fault occurs), the server MUST gracefully cease its
   attempts to service the client, disconnecting from its end if

Here's a summary of the relevant part of the exchange:

No.     Time               Source                Destination           Protocol Length Info
   8 13:16:46.819445000    NNTP     84     Request: GROUP cisco.eng.cdets-trolls
      9 13:16:46.819956000 TCP      60     nntp > 51333 [ACK] Seq=133 Ack=44 Win=49640 Len=0
     10 13:16:46.820113000 NNTP     94     Response: 211 6907 1 6910 cisco.eng.cdets-trolls
     11 13:16:46.820444000    TCP      54     51333 > nntp [FIN, ACK] Seq=44 Ack=173 Win=65528 Len=0
     12 13:16:46.820899000 TCP      60     nntp > 51333 [ACK] Seq=173 Ack=45 Win=49640 Len=0
     13 13:16:46.820955000 NNTP     61     Response: 205 .
     14 13:16:46.821098000    TCP      54     51333 > nntp [RST, ACK] Seq=45 Ack=180 Win=0 Len=0

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