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"John F. Morse" <inn at> writes:
> Matija Nalis wrote:
>> On Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 02:36:22PM -0500, John F. Morse wrote:

>>> My INN 2.5.2 reader server on Debian Squeeze was compiled for SSL/TLS
>>> support.  Is that still a requirement (because the Debian APT package
>>> does not support TLS)?

>> AFAICT, standard Debian Squeeze inn2 package normally supports TLS?

> I do not know. Russ said so, then when I tried to connect to port 563 on
> a stock Debian server, I was refused.

You have to actually run nnrpd -S somehow, since *innd* doesn't support
TLS (anywhere, whether you build it yourself or not).  I use xinetd to run
nnrpd -S on port 563.  The Debian package doesn't set that up

The xinetd.d fragment that I use is:

service nntps
        disable         = no
        socket_type     = stream
        wait            = no
        user            = news
        group           = ssl-cert
        server          = /usr/lib/news/bin/nnrpd
        server_args     = -S
        libwrap         = nnrpd
        log_type        = SYSLOG daemon
        log_on_success  = PID HOST DURATION
        log_on_failure  = HOST

> There are references in the installation procedures which state
> compiling with SSL/TLS is required, and that is what I did for this
> reader server.

This is already done for you in the stock Debian packages.

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