innd -N not working from inn.conf

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu May 3 14:52:06 UTC 2012

Hi John,

> I wish to start innd without the Perl filtering starting on an incoming
> transit-only server.
> I cannot get the inn.conf value for /innflags/ to use the N flag.
>  >From :
> /innflags/
>     The flags to pass to innd on startup. See innd(8) for details on the
>     possible flags. The default value is unset.

You're totally right that our documentation is confusing.
In fact, the "innflags" parameter is used by the and nntpsend 
script when it launches innd.  Do you use  If not, I believe 
that's the problem.

> If I use innflags -CN the server runs, but Perl filtering is launched.
> If I use innflags -N the server runs, but Perl filtering is still
> launched according to "ctlinnd mode" report.
> If I use innflags -C -N (with a space) I get a lot of failures when I
> run "inncheck -v" (I didn't try "ctlinnd xexec innd" because of these
> failures).
> Is N broken, or am I not doing something properly? Is the hyphen
> required? IOW, would "innflags CN" work in inn.conf?

I have not checked yet, but inncheck should not complain if it sees "-C -N".

> I used "ctlinnd xexec innd" for restarting innd. Is that sufficient, or
> do I need to run " start | restart"?

"ctlinnd xexec innd" is not enough.  According to the man page of ctlinnd:

        xexec path
            Shut down the server, but then rather than exiting,
            exec innd with all of its original arguments except for -r.

Julien ÉLIE

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