INN 2.5.3 expected release

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun May 13 20:32:40 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Sorry for not having written sooner about the release of INN 2.5.3.
I promised it before the end of 2011, but I obviously missed the initial 
schedule.  The reasons are that I did not have as much free time as 
expected during the Christmas holidays, and that I met a wonderful girl 
friend in January -- which, as you may guess, contributes to the 
scarcity of spare (developing) time…

I am not very eased by the idea of being the cause of the delay for the 
release of INN 2.5.3.
I do believe it is better to release it, even if all the features I had 
expected to add to the 2.5.3 release are not present.  It does not 
matter much in fact.

The main reasons for releasing the 2.5.3 version are that tons of bugs 
have been fixed, a few new features added, and also the 2.5.3 release 
candidate had no blocking feedback.
Besides, releasing an official 2.5.3 release will allow to obtain 
feedback from more users!

After having re-read the current existing bug reports for the 2.5 
branch, I do not see any blocking point.  All of them can wait for a 
2.5.4 release.
Nonetheless, please note that I will tackle the few points below for INN 
2.5.3, because work has already been done about them:
- division by 0 in innreport (bug of leap years like 2012) for which I 
already have a pending patch to commit, tested for a few months;
- check the syntax of the newsfeeds file before reloading it when using 
"ctlinnd reload" for which I also have a pending patch to commit;
- little pending change to improve the use of INN::Utils::Shlock for 
locking in mailpost;
- contrib/ for Fedora (submitted by Jochen).

Changes can be found in the section for INN 2.5.3 at:

I hope everyone is OK for that.  Please speak up if you know blocking 
bugs for the 2.5.3 release.
The release is expected for June 2012!  Yep, at last!  :-)

Julien ÉLIE

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