Windows Live Mail rejecting GROUP response

Matt Seitz (matseitz) matseitz at
Thu May 31 00:18:48 UTC 2012

Is there a known issue with Windows Live Mail reporting an error when
checking an INN server for new messages?


Windows Live Mail is reporting an error when trying to check our local
INN server for new messages.  It works fine for other NNTP servers I


I took a network capture to compare the network traffic to our INN
server vs. a different NNTP server where Windows Live Mail does not
report an error.  The only difference I see so far is that when Windows
Live Mail sends a GROUP request, INN is returning a message count that
is less than the high water mark minus the low water mark plus one
(count < high - low + 1).  At that point, Windows Live Mail closes the
TCP connection and reports an error.



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