double 'ctlinnd flushlogs' deletes news, errlog

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Apr 13 16:57:59 UTC 2013

Hi John,

>>     flushlogs
>>         Close the news and error log files and rename them to add ".old" to
>>         the file name, then open fresh news and error logs.
> I would prefer the addition to the filename be the ISO 8601 date and time.
> This certainly provides more information than ".old" plus making sorts easy,
> and would eliminate overwrites.

The ".old" extension is used temporarily, between the moment the current 
log is moved (to ".old") and the moment it is rotated (to for instance 
In your <pathlog> directory, you will only see a "news" log file; the 
"news.old" file does not exist.  And in <pathlog>/OLD, you will see 
"news.1.gz", which allows to sort the log files.

Julien ÉLIE

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