Fighting link rot

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Thu Dec 5 20:40:08 UTC 2013

Hi Bo,

> Wikipedia's article on INN <>
> states that the project homepage is <>.
> This redirects to <>, which no longer
> has any INN-related content or links.  The nearest thing to an INN page
> on is <>, which mentions
> INN and a few other projects.  Should the Wikipedia article be edited
> to point to this, or maybe to some page on

I believe the article should mention these two addresses:

Though the page on does not contain much content, the main 
copyright for INN is held by them so their web site should be kept in 
Wikipedia's links.

It is amusing to see that the official homepage 
<> now states that "INN Homepage" 
is <>!

> The stale <> link

Then it means that the ISC folks recently changed the link, because it 
was properly working last week.

> also appears on <>, <>,
> and possibly other pages on *  These ought to be fixed too.

In our configure script too.
Thanks for the report!

Julien ÉLIE

« En voyant le lit vide, il le devint. » (Ponson du Terrail)

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