ptrdiff_t in CURRENT

Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at
Sun Dec 15 22:09:27 UTC 2013

On Sun, 15 Dec 2013, Russ Allbery wrote:

> "Jeffrey M. Vinocur" <jeff at> writes:
>> The implicated bit of clibrary.h is below, interestingly the implicated
>> bit of stddef.h has about a zillion ptrdiff-related #defines, but
>> HAVE_PTRDIFF_T is not one of them.
> During your configure output, what does it say about whether you have a
> ptrdiff_t type?  And what does config.log say about that probe?

checking for ptrdiff_t... yes


configure:21115: checking for ptrdiff_t
configure:21145: gcc -c -g -O2  conftest.c >&5
configure:21151: $? = 0
configure:21166: result: yes

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