ptrdiff_t in CURRENT

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Mon Dec 16 08:59:02 UTC 2013

Hi Jeffrey,

> There is no mention of HAVE_PTRDIFF_T in config.h, just this:
> /* Define to long if <sys/types.h> does not define. */
> /* #undef ptrdiff_t */

Could you please check in your file that it properly uses:


and not:

AC_CHECK_TYPE([ptrdiff_t], ,
     [AC_DEFINE([ptrdiff_t], [long],
          [Define to long if <sys/types.h> does not define.])])

It should have normally been the case since commit 9313 for STABLE 2.5
(or 9291+9298 for CURRENT) in July 2011:

As your include/clibrary.h file contains:

/* In case <sys/types.h> does not define ptrdiff_t. */
   typedef long ptrdiff_t;

it should normally be good, but better check...

Julien ÉLIE

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