Note for users of pullnews - STABLE/CURRENT

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sat Jul 27 14:29:31 UTC 2013

Hi all,

The latest snapshot of INN CURRENT (2.6.0) changes the default location 
of the pullnews config file.
This message is intended to let you know that change, in case you did 
not notice it and are running CURRENT snapshots.

It is now by default <pathdb>/pullnews.marks for the news user (as set 
in the "runasuser" parameter in inn.conf). For all the other users, 
pullnews now uses ~/pullnews.marks (that it to say in the home directory).
The change is for the location of the config file for the users other 
than the news user (everyone was wrongly using <pathdb>/pullnews.marks).

You can still of course change the name and location of the config file 
with the "-c" flag recognized by pullnews.

P.-S. : for INN STABLE (2.5.4), the location is ~/.pullnews for all the 
users, as it was the case in previous versions of INN (except for INN 
2.5.3 which introduced a bug because it used <pathnews>/.pullnews for 
all the users).

Julien ÉLIE

« – Je t'ai préparé une bonne soupe dont tu me diras des
     nouvelles, mon garçon !
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