innduct - a replacement for innfeed/nntpsend, 0.1 alpha

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Sun Sep 1 20:10:48 UTC 2013

Hi Ian,

>>> I looked at editing innfeed to make it tail the feed file with
>>> inotify/kqueue but innfeed is an very large program for what it does -
>>> nearly 25kloc.
>> Maybe the funnel-file mode I am speaking about is what you are hinting
>> at here.  Instead of editing innfeed to tail the funnel-file on its own,
>> a separate script doing that could be periodically run by crond.
> I'm not sure I follow.  In order to have both reliability and
> timeliness, the lines need to be read out of the funnel file (or, as
> innduct has it, the feed file) immediately via inotify, and then
> whatever is transmitting the articles needs to use some appropriate
> protocol to record where it got up to.  innfeed doesn't do this.

It is true that innfeed does not do that.  However, please note that 
when innfeed has sent all the messages it was expected to send (that is 
to say when innfeed reaches the end of the feed file), it only waits for 
a second before having a look at whether there are more messages to 
send.  So timeliness is basically achieved within a second or so.

I understand your point when you say the transmission it not immediate. 
  If you want an immediate transmission, a funnel file should not be 
used.  But if a second is acceptable, then a funnel file could be used.

In innfeed/innlistener.c:
#define EOF_SLEEP_TIME 1    /* seconds to sleep when EOF on InputFile */

>> Would you mind if we mention innduct in:
>> * the "Related Packages" section of README
> Sure.
>> Is the URL
>> OK for you to use, or do you prefer another one?  (tarball, HTML page
>> describing the project or HTML version of the man page...)
> It's not the best page, is it.  But the alternative is probably to
> wait for me to set up some kind of automatic gitweb manpage formatter
> or something.  So please use that URL.

Thanks for having set up the URL:

It is pretty extensive and easy to read.
I will add the link soon to our documentation.

If I may suggest:  a few links could be de-activated for you not to see 
404 errors in your logs (links to inotify, inn.conf(5) or man2html for 

> I'm expecting to have to do some work on innduct fairly soon because
> I'll be upgrading to Debian wheezy which has a new version of INN.  I
> want, obviously, to be able to rebuild my innduct...

The patches you are currently using (for example lib/remopen.c) are 
related to INN 2.4.x; source code has changed in INN 2.5 (especially 
lib/network.c for what was previously in lib/remopen.c) so maybe there 
are now no longer useful.
I hope upgrading innduct will be straight-forward; do not hesitate to 
tell in case you are facing issues with the new version of INN shipped 
with Wheezy.

Julien ÉLIE

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