innduct - a replacement for innfeed/nntpsend, 0.1 alpha

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Mon Sep 2 14:55:44 UTC 2013

Julien ÉLIE writes ("Re: innduct - a replacement for innfeed/nntpsend, 0.1 alpha"):
> Hi Ian,
> > Also I think it doesn't deal well with 431/436 responses - see the
> > commentary about resendid in incoming.conf(5).  innduct gets that
> > right.
> How would you want innfeed to handle 431/436 responses?

Sorry, I was confused when i wrote that.  I was thinking of innxmit.

> > Yes.  I just went and looked this up, and I offered to do some
> > forward-porting of the necessary changes, which I haven't yet done...
> Also, if you believe innduct could be of interest to Debian users, 
> packaging it could be worthwhile :-)
> Like innfeed that is a Debian package related to inn v1 (not inn2).

Right.  I may do this at some point...


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