Nick Edwards nick.z.edwards at
Sat Sep 13 00:20:41 UTC 2014

On 9/12/14, Julien ÉLIE <julien at> wrote:
> Hi Nick,
>> So far, inn working well, but I need to do two things, firstly, limit
>> max user concurrency (8) at any given time, the closest I can find is
>> running innd with -H -X which does not sound appropriate,
> I believe you should do that with a Perl or Python auth hook.  This
> feature has not been implemented in INN yet:

Oh, really? wow, hard to imagine inn's been around for so long without
basic features, we use IP access for our /15 , /16, and 2x /19's, we
do not use user/pass authing, we are trying to make this changeover as
transparent as we can with end users doing nothing.

Hrm, perhaps inn is not for us and we are best staying with dnews
then, my manager has already questioned why it has taken so long, he's
very relaxed with time management, else I would have been ordered to
dump inn 5 days ago, but even his patience is running dry, all these
hassles when with dnews its simple as adding into access.conf

x.x.0.0/15:read,post:::*:con=8,mb=1000,max_out=50000      _or_
*.ourdomain:read,post:::*:con=8,mb=1000,max_out=50000  _or_
* :read,post:$lookup :$lookup :*:con=8,mb=1000,max_out=50000   for
radius or pop3

inn is so so so much more complex and although free, not really a
point now since half newsmasters I talk to in past 5 years have gotten
free keys for dnews since its officially unsupported, I'm amazed since
inn has been around for about as long, it still has a very very long
way to go to being newbie-friendly.

perhaps one of reasons why usenet is dying off, admins give up, a few
I've talked to give up on inn after one or two days, but I dont like
to let things beat me LOL so I perservered

Thank you everyone for your help, I certainly learned a lot in this
past week, even if it turns out to be of no immediate use to us here,
it might be if I ever change jobs in an IPv6 only world.

Best Regards

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