innwatch forks without reason

Julien ÉLIE julien at
Mon Sep 15 12:09:14 UTC 2014

Hi Lauri,

> Applying this patch on top of a 2.5.4 installation causes innwatch to
> continually fork children; I am seeing 437 processes called 'innwatch'
> in just over 5 minutes of running inn

So it seems that innwatch does not wait for the forked-off shell to 

while { sleep ${NEXTSLEEP} & CHILDPID=$! ; }

does not do the right thing for you (maybe it should be "wait 
We had before "sleep ${NEXTSLEEP} & wait" that did the trick except when 
is stopped.  That's why I added CHILDPID to kill the child process when 
is killed (see the trap condition for SIGTERM=15).  This trick does not 
to work on illumos.

> These seem to be the forked-off sleeps (remembering that sleep is a 
> shell
> builtin on illumos /bin/sh; these are shells)

I would have liked to have code that conciliates the two behaviours
(sleep being a builtin or not)...

Julien ÉLIE

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