rc.news: checking whether we run as the news user

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Fri Sep 26 00:17:17 UTC 2014


Hi Julien, 

On 26/09/2014 07:01, Julien ÉLIE wrote: 

> As you mention httpd earlier in your mail, I wish to recall that my Debian init.d/apache2 startup script has 286 lines and do lots of control. It then calls apache2ctl, which is a shell script (equivalent to rc.news) of 180 lines.
> apache2ctl finally starts the apache2 binary (httpd), the same way rc.news finally starts the innd binary.

I can run /etc/rc.d/rc.httpd (as its system startup at boot), apachectl,
and even httpd itself by hand as root and it starts without the need to
su prior to doing so. Inn requires su before its scripts specifically
before running those type of files, as your example boot-time startup
script shows, so its not actually the same :) 

>> I did not comment on that other previous thread, but that OP made some very good points about modernising inn to be friendlier, but sadly seems rather than consider it, it was instantly discarded as too hard basket
> Well I'm sorry to have led to that impression.
> I understand the point made and tried to give a few pointers to help him manage to achieve his goal of limiting concurrent users. Unfortunately, it was not enough owing to performance issues. I couldn't give more, and I do not currently have enough time (and also probably experience) to code what he would have like to see in INN.

It would be a massive amount of work for anyone, as I mentioned, since
he wanted it for IPv6, limiting users would have to be based on subnet,
but at what point do you draw that line? We've had that discussion many
a time with DNSBL IPv6 listings, what limit do you put on it, though the
code in rbldnsd uses /64, with /128 exemptions, only half the people
agree, many say its not enough, many say its overkill, you'll never win
unless you allow a configurable option, and I can see 1K lines of code
turning into 100K lines of code :) 

I mentioned typically a /64 for each user, but some get /56's and others
I've seen say they only get a /112, so limiting concurrent users will be
a problem regardless of if its inn,<other newsd>, or any other daemon
even unrelated to news, so he really is wasting his time on that one the
moment he opens his doors to IPv6, from a personal point of view, I too
think the required time and effort doesn't match the current need, maybe
it will in ten years, but certainly not now. 


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