Temporary dir for mailpost

Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Thu Apr 2 17:43:03 UTC 2015


Regarding this ticket:

"mailpost tries to store its message ID database in INN's pathtmp, but 
since it's usually running as the mail system (often daemon) rather than 
as news, this fails."

What should we do?
We already have a -b flag that permits to change the directory of the 

With "-b /path", we currently have:
- database => /path/mailpost-msgid
- temp files => /var/run/mailpost.time.$$ and 

Without any argument:
- database => $INN::Config::pathtmp/mailpost-msgid
- temp files => /var/run/mailpost.time.$$ and 

In the man page:

   Normally, mailpost is run by sendmail(8) via an alias entry:

     local-mail-wreck-bikes: "|<pathbin in inn.conf>/mailpost
         -b /var/tmp -d local local.mail.rec.bicycles.racing"

Does someone remember what is supposed to be done for that ticket?
Isn't the -b flag enough for that?

Incidentally, shouldn't the -b flag also be used to specify the 
directory of temp files, and $INN::Config::pathtmp be taken otherwise? 
(we currently have /var/run hard-coded!)

Julien ÉLIE

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