INN 2.6.0 release candidate

Noel Butler noel.butler at
Fri Apr 24 09:57:09 UTC 2015


On 23/04/2015 17:57, Julien ÉLIE wrote: 

>> not a big problem but I would include this caveat in any release
>> announcement for 2.6.0.
> The caveat will be included at the beginning of the announcement:
> "The name and location of the pullnews configuration file have changed. It is now pullnews.marks, located in pathdb when pullnews is run as the news user, or otherwise in the running user's home directory. This file was previously stored in .pullnews in the running user's home directory (even for the news user). If you use pullnews, you need to manually move and rename the configuration file; otherwise, it will no longer work. Note that the -c flag passed to pullnews allows to specify another configuration file, if need be."

Thats perfect :) 

> I note 'make update' did not install the newer man pages
> That's strange. Are you sure the directory where the newer
> man pages are is in your path?
> Could you please run "make -⁠n update"? (the "-⁠n" flag will prevent
> make from doing anything; it will just print the commands it would run)

Thats says it installed them, no idea why it didnt show current when I
looked at pullnews, tonight man says its right one from 2015, so, all
seems good with 2.6, from initial tests I didnt have to alter nnrpd
filter, shows anonymous still on test server, so should be all good if
it was allowed to go upstream - which for obvious reasons, its not :) 

so, from me, for my purposes, a +1 for release of 2.6.0 

( we have pullnews keep it up to date once a week, so when we commit to
change over from server_x to inn for live use - likely this year, we
wont have to wait 3 weeks syncing data lol) 


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