INN 2.6.0 release candidate

Noel Butler noel.butler at
Sun Apr 26 12:30:11 UTC 2015


On 26/04/2015 05:49, Julien ÉLIE wrote: 

> Hi Noel,
>> so, all seems good with 2.6, from initial tests
>> so, from me, for my purposes, a +1 for release of 2.6.0
> That's great then!
> Thanks for having tested.
>> (we have pullnews keep it up to date once a week, so when we commit to
>> change over from server_x to inn for live use -⁠ likely this year, we
>> wont have to wait 3 weeks syncing data lol)
> I am happy to read that you are in the process of switching to INN. I thought you had not made the choice yet (compared with dnews or diablo) owing to the few things we previously discussed that INN does not do natively. I hope it will all the same suit your needs.

Ahh, yes, we ruled out diablo for inn, and given dnews devs refusal to
do anything about ipv6, we made the decision the time was near to retire
it, likely wont be till end of year at this stage but its in the
planning, in meantime, we keep that server up to date - if dnews box
craps out tomorrow, inn is online much sooner than planned :) 

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