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Julien ÉLIE julien at trigofacile.com
Sun Feb 22 17:42:29 UTC 2015

Hi Jeffrey,

> We had some sort of transient issue that resulted in a lot of the
> following message being generated, which then appeared in the news.daily
> verbatim (without being summarized) until the news.daily emails were so
> large they were bouncing.
> Error log:
> no connection to syslog available
>          - unix dgram connect: Connection refused at
> /usr/local/news/bin/controlchan line 518.

I suggest to fix the issue directly in scanlogs, where the errlog file 
is just cat'ed.  I believe it will be better (and also easier) than 
trying to modify how controlchan logging works.

I suggest to add a "maxlines" keyword that can be added to scanlogs 
By default, it would be 50 (same value as the default value for the 
number of reported unknown lines in news.notice when innreport runs).

This cut would apply to both news.crit and errlog (the two files that 
scanlogs prints, besides of course the daily report generated by innreport).

Would this fix suit you or do you have another suggestion?

Julien ÉLIE

« Un myope qui lit sur les lèvres entend mieux s'il porte des
   lunettes. » (Philippe Geluck)

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